The Bluffajo Community Speaks

Mali Phonpadith- CEO of SOAR Community Network
Producer/Host of Tea with Mali

Maisie Dunbar is an exceptionally gifted makeup artist with attention to details, especially when it comes to emotionally connecting with her clients while creating the perfect look for any occasion. Maisie was my makeup artist for one of the most important days of my life, my wedding. She not only made me look amazing but I felt like a million bucks. Her BluffaJo Cosmetic line lasted the entire 8 hours with no smudges. I was able to look and feel radiant throughout the wedding experience. She even mixed colors on the spot to create the perfect shade of red for my lips. It was the exclamation point that was needed to complete the look for my Lao and Puerto Rican wedding attire. What’s wonderful about Maisie is that she puts her heart and soul into her work. Her gifts as a beauty expert impacts her clients at a very deep level. It’s refreshing and makes her unforgettable.

Janice Jordan
Master Minx at Minx, Inc.

Dear Ms. Dunbar,
Thank you so much for creating Bluffa Jo! As the co-founder of Minx Nails, I am in the spotlight more than I am comfortable with. Your make up line gives me comfort and confidence that I look my best! Your eye shadows and lip glosses are my must haves for travel. I bought other lines that can’t hold up to the extremes of travel and have had makeup turn to glue, ashes and explode in my makeup bag.
Bluffa Jo Cosmetics not only make me look and feel good I know I can count on them!
I love the new look! Keep on ROCKING Maisie!

Janice Jordan

Master Minx at Minx, Inc.

Anne Moratto
Editor of modern salon magazine

Maisie Dunbar is a guiding force and bright light in the professional beauty industry and in her community. She uplifts everyone who comes in her orbit. As an entrepreneur, business owners, beauty professional, and charitable mover-and-shaker, Maisie makes everything around her more beautiful.



The lip glosses are DIVINE! I had been looking for lip gloss that had staying power and kept my lips moisturized. I currently only use the Bluffajo lip glosses….my favorite one is Smile, sexy, subtle shine for any occasion. I love my Maisie Dunbar cosmetics – from the blush to the lip glosses and would be lost without them.


I’m not a big lover of make-up, and I particularly don’t have the patience for make-up that you have to continuously apply. My expectations are HIGH. Therefore, I appreciate the natural mineral-based foundation developed by Bluffajo Cosmetics. I love knowing that the foundation not only protects my skin but that it’s high quality and long-lasting.


I have been a client of Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge for the last three years. The service that I receive is amazing. All of the ladies are extremely attentive and professional and their attention to detail make every visit phenomenal. Maisie is a master at her craft and ensures that all of her assistants are as well.

I have never left the spa unpleased. The products and techniques that she uses are always cutting edge. It is always an experience in every visit. Maisie is also very good at bringing her customers together to network and socialize by hosting events, such as her Tea and Candle Party, her Ladies Night Out, and her Mens Night Out. Also, importantly, the spa is extremely clean and sanitary. This is important considering the nature of this business when so many spas are not. She also sells products that promote healthy feet and hands. I am always recommending Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge to my friends and family. Since becoming a client of the spa, I refuse to go anywhere else.
I am also a fan of Maisie’s makeup line, Bluffa Jo, particularly the lip gloss. My favorite colors are Inspire and Vilu. The colors are rich and beautiful and the color and shine lasts an extremely long time without drying your lips. I have a tube in every purse I carry, my work bag, and in my car. I can’t do without my Bluffa Jo lip gloss. I also wear the shadows and her new bronzer foundation. I am always getting compliments on my eye shadow colors and the foundation is so light that it feels like nothing is there. This is important to me because I have extremely sensitive skin that tends to break out whenever I use foundation. My skin looks amazing and I haven’t had a single breakout. I highly recommend Bluffa Jo products for anyone who wears makeup and has sensitive skin.