Bluffajo Cosmetics

Beauty in it’s simplicity

What is Bluffajo?

A Bluffajo makes a conscientious effort to look the part from head to toe. A Bluffajo face is flawless and fierce. A Bluffajo is a sensuous, sophisticated, cosmopolitan individual. While he or she has an ultra and visceral air of confidence coupled with class, who never leaves their home without looking the absolute best. Bluffajo is the local vernacular in Liberia used to describe one who embraces inward and outward beauty. Although, Bluffajo is a term out of the heart of West Africa, the spirit of a Bluffajo transcends all cultures.

Our Story

I am  Maisie Dunbar, President, and Founder of the Maisie Dunbar Beauty Brands (Bluffajo Cosmetics and The MaisieDunbarExperience). I am a  delicate single mom, international speaker, manufacturer, spa trainer, and author. I came into the beauty business after gotten laid off my job with British Telecom in the MIS department. I built my business by selling raffle tickets and going to bus stops, asking people if they wanted a free manicure. I did over 500 free manicures.

I am a holistic lifestyle professional and global citizen for the beauty that is committed to equipping women and the youth-globally through skilled training in makeup, nails, skin body,  and spa business development.  I have helped thousands of women and the youth globally throughout my career to unleash their true potential. Throughout my 28 years, I have worked with Presidents, major celebrities like Her Excellency  Dr. Joyce Banda, Her Excellency Amina Salum Ali, Sharon Osborne, Oprah’s O Magazine, Mary Mary, Kirk Franklin, and Cameron Diaz to name a few.  click to read more

Our Purpose

Our goal is to make the Bluffajo experience unforgettable and life changing. Whether it is a personal beauty experience, a professional training seminar or an entrepreneurial mentoring session Bluffajo will create a new you.

Our Vision

“We are a team of enthusiastic, successful, artistic leaders who provide outstanding guest service experience.”
We are a luxury life style Beauty Brand that is passionate about outstanding service to our guest at all times.
Our foundation is generosity and education– being students in the world. We touch the lives of every person we come in contact with in a positive way our guests, our vendors, our neighboring businesses, and our global communities.

We are making a contribution to humanity!

Our Values:
• Dignity
• Honesty
• Respect
• Integrity


Global Award Winning and TedEx Speaker Maisie Dunbar is the BluffaJo behind it all.
She is the one and only dynamic force known as Maisie Dunbar; A Social-Preneur, Facilitator, Humanitarian, Philanthropist, and Community Leader. This bonafide BluffaJo wears many hats with grace. In addition to being a mentor to today’s up and coming beauty professionals, Ms. Dunbar is a licensed makeup artist and has been a global celebrity nail and body therapist in the industry for over two decades. Her work has been featured in reputable magazines, on stage, CD covers, ad campaigns’, television, and other media outlets.
Some of Her accomplishment includes but not limited to Mercedes Benz Fashion Swim Week, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, 42 Annual NAACP Awards, Mercedes Benz Couture Fashion Week to name a few. Ms. Dunbar’s creation; Bluffajo cosmetics has gracefully enhanced a myriad of Fashion Week’s top model faces. In 2006, Ms. Dunbar established Bluffajo Cosmetics. This endeavor naturally followed after the success of the Global award wining renowned Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge located in Silver Spring, Maryland, of which she is the owner. The Global Award Wining Maisie Dunbar Spa Lounge was a Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle and Wellness lounge. Maisie, along with her team of experts, continue to offer the best in original beauty treatment and holistic health care innovations at her spa lounge.