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“It was a blessing to be introduced to the Bluffajo Cosmetics line. The formulas are really skin friendly and most importantly it is a cosmetics Brand that considers the woman of color with each new offering. I feel authentic wearing Bluffajo Cosmetics, and that’s priceless.”

Dear Ms. Dunbar,
Thank you so much for creating Bluffa Jo! As the co-founder of Minx Nails, I am in the spotlight more than I am comfortable with. Your make up line gives me comfort and confidence that I look my best! Your eye shadows and lip glosses are my must haves for travel. I bought other lines that can’t hold up to the extremes of travel and have had makeup turn to glue, ashes and explode in my makeup bag.
Bluffa Jo Cosmetics not only make me look and feel good I know I can count on them!
I love the new look! Keep on ROCKING Maisie!

Maisie Dunbar is an exceptionally gifted makeup artist with attention to details, especially when it comes to emotionally connecting with her clients while creating the perfect look for any occasion. Maisie was my makeup artist for one of the most important days of my life, my wedding. She not only made me look amazing but I felt like a million bucks. Her BluffaJo Cosmetic line lasted the entire 8 hours with no smudges. I was able to look and feel radiant throughout the wedding experience. She even mixed colors on the spot to create the perfect shade of red for my lips. It was the exclamation point that was needed to complete the look for my Lao and Puerto Rican wedding attire. What’s wonderful about Maisie is that she puts her heart and soul into her work. Her gifts as a beauty expert impacts her clients at a very deep level. It’s refreshing and makes her unforgettable.